Workday is allowing enterprises to migrate their back office functions - Human Capital Management (HCM), Finance, Planning - out of their infrastructure into the cloud freeing their IT to focus on technologies they need for their competitive advantage. All components are Workday are tightly integrated allowing holistic views of corporate functions. Smart, performant integrations with the Workday cloud are required for this to be a seamless part of any business.

AVM Workday Service

Our team are experts at navigating the integration challenges that make each company unique integrating common financial, HR, planning, and other ERP systems as well as applications custom with each client. Workday provides great internal tools for monitoring and change management. We can help tie those into external tools like Datadog and version control systems to align with your DevSecOps strategy and provide a holistic view across clouds and on prem systems.

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HCM & Financials Service
HCM & Financials

Workday HCM allows leadership to manage every aspect of employees - recruiting, organization, compensation, benefits, pay. It provides an analytics driven understanding of the workforce, skills, and capabilities. With more insights and process automation the enterprise can focus on creating the right organization, deliver personalized experiences, and nurture growth.

Workday Financial Management is a unified suite financial tools to manage finance processes, strategy, planning, and risk. With a core business process framework and ML based analytics you can automate financial processes, detect anomalies, and track changes as you go. Auditing is never an afterthought as it is constantly on. AVM can integrate that auditing into a holistic monitoring and logging strategy aligning it with your compliance requirements.

Integrating other enterprise services into Workday whether HCM, FInancials, or both is critical for success. We help the client choose the best integration method for each integration - certified connectors, no code EIBs, custom Studio Integrations. No two clients are the same.

 Prism & Accounting Center Service
Prism & Accounting Center

Workday Prism Analytics is a big data analytical engine allowing businesses to import relevant data and blend it with Workday data. This combined data is available in Report Builder, self-service Discovery Boards and worksheets. AVM’s integration and Prism experts can design and build Prism pipelines to support reports and discovery boards at any scale.

Accounting Center is a recent product built upon a Prism foundation for performing detailed accounting at scale within Workday allowing fine grained sub-ledgers, general ledger drilldowns, and end to end traceability. AVM has helped the earliest adopters of Accounting Center to migrate their subledgers and detailed accounting.

Enterprise Monitoring Service
Enterprise Monitoring

SaaS products can sometimes feel like walled gardens. One of the tradeoffs of not managing infrastructure is gaps in the monitoring landscape. More and more enterprises want a complete 360° view of all their components whether self-managed, cloud, or SaaS. Combining SaaS solutions DevSecOps and Everything as a Service (XaaS) can feel at odds. AVM works with our clients to provide maximum transparency and traceability across their complex architectures. We have created a custom Datadog integration to monitor Workday integrations and centralize their logging.


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