Problem Description:

Artificial intelligence has become a must have strength for almost all organizations to be sustainable in the business. Some enterprises have already embraced it and others are planning to invest and included it in their roadmaps. However still the success rates of these investments are at a low level. This is mainly because the information infrastructure of the organizations is not ready for artificial intelligence projects.

Incite Logix has a well experienced team who can help organizations to be successful in artificial intelligence related implementations. They have gathered intellectual knowledge in this problem domain after successfully completing several projects at different organizations. However it’s a lot of technical and non-technical jargon which is hard for someone to read and understand.

Solutions Highlights:

The AVM team joined with the Incite Logix team to find a solution to bridge the gap between the people and the intel that the company had collected. Our primary goal was to present this intel to the users in an understandable manner and self measure their information infrastructure readiness to embrace AI projects.

As a result the two teams came up with the idea to implement a web and a mobile application where the users can register themselves and measure their information infrastructure readiness through a question and answer model which provides a categorized and aggregated score with an action plan to work on.

We at AVM always work with industry leading cutting edge technologies and decided to design this solution using serverless technologies offered by Amazon Web Services. Following the client-server architecture pattern we developed the frontend as a single page application using ReactJS and deployed in AWS using the CloudFront and S3 buckets. This approach gave us the opportunity to serve the application worldwide with reduced latency. Backend application has been built on top of serverless framework using NodeJS, and has been deployed on AWS using API Gateway and Lambda functions and DynamoDB as the persistent store. We used Amazon Cognito for identity management and it simplified most of implementation efforts and gave a solid layer of security. Next the mobile applications were developed using the Flutter framework and that gave us the opportunity to implement for both IOS and Android platforms parallelly reducing a lot of development efforts. Finally, no solution can be successful without proper monitoring and telemetry. We used Amazon CloudWatch logging with alarms configured where necessary to keep the team informed of any failures. And the application usage monitoring was achieved through Amazon Pinpoint and Google Analytics.

In this way, the complete solution has been developed and deployed and a 100% serverless application with very small running cost footprint.