Problem Description:

VTS Rise provides modernized tenant experience solution and enables asset and property managers to power their portfolio wide operation and provide a premium experience to tenants, building operators and visitors.

VTS has native mobile applications (iOS, Android) as well as web applications hosted on AWS Cloud that continually serve its customers with seamless experience with their property management.

AVM worked with VTS to help them streamline their observability strategy, train them in understanding Datadog functionality, and guide them with best practices in monitoring and recommend improvements.

Solutions Highlights:

VTS already had a Datadog instance in use but had not instrumented their application for a robust Datadog experience. They needed someone to streamline their Datadog configuration and align it with best practices. Their expectation was to have end to end observability and performance monitoring. 

AVM reviewed their tagging strategy, their existing integration and application instrumentation and provided feedback. AVM collaborated VTS in determining a proper tagging strategy. All dashboards, monitors, and alerts were reviewed holistically. Improvements were made leveraging real user monitoring (RUM), synthetic tests, continuous logging and comprehensive service tagging. The iOS and Android instrumentation was also reviewed, resulting in code change recommendations to reconfigure log collection, linking RUM with logging, and correlating logs with traces.

AVM also provided VTS with guidelines on monitoring and template for incident management to fit into their tech operational strategy.