AIRR Case Study

End-to-End Observability with Datadog

Problem Description:

Artificial Intelligence Readiness Roadmap is a self-assessment platform from Incitelogix for businesses to evaluate the readiness of the information infrastructure to invest in Artificial Intelligence projects.

The platform has been built as a 100% serverless application running in AWS. It has a ReactJS based frontend and a NodeJS based Restful backend which uses DynamoDB as the persistent storage.

As a self-serve platform with a minimum operational footprint, it is crucial to proactively monitor the end-to-end application to ensure a better user experience and alert the engineers on errors.

Solutions Highlights:

AVM designed and developed the Artificial Intelligence Readiness Roadmap platform from the ground up following the industry best practices for observability. Datadog was selected as the observability platform, and both frontend and backend instrumented with Datadog RUM and APM for monitoring the end-to-end lifecycle of requests. Synthetic tests and monitors were configured to make sure the service level objectives are met.

Datadog dashboards show the health of the entire platform for both business and support teams. And the engineering team can proactively monitor the performance of the application and improve where necessary.

Overall Datadog helped Incitelogix to lower the MTTR by correlating all synthetic tests to backend metrics, traces, and logs.


Artificial Intelligence


Improve user experience and performance of the platform and provide ongoing support for customer queries.

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