Problem Description:

Jaanuu, an online apparel shop for healthcare professionals, faced challenges with their in-house e-commerce platform deployed on Heroku. Heroku, while suitable for startups, lacked the granular control, scalability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness Jaanuu needed as their business grew. Additionally, Heroku offered no native services for machine learning, data analytics, and big data processing, requiring expensive data egress to external solutions.


  • Migrate the Jaanuu platform to a more scalable and cost-effective infrastructure.
  • Gain granular control over the platform for improved reliability and fault tolerance.
  • Leverage native machine learning, data analytics, and big data processing services.
  • Minimize downtime during the migration.

Solution Highlights:

Jaanuu partnered with AVM Consulting to migrate their platform to AWS cloud. AVM Consulting designed and developed the target environment using AWS CDK and AWS ECS, considering the team’s skillset and the need for reduced operational overhead. A preview environment was deployed for QA testing before migrating the production application. The data migration and traffic cutover were carefully planned and rehearsed to minimize downtime.


  • The Jaanuu platform was successfully migrated to AWS cloud with minimal downtime.
  • Jaanuu gained granular control over their infrastructure, improving scalability, reliability, and fault tolerance.
  • The platform now benefits from native AWS services for machine learning, data analytics, and big data processing, eliminating expensive data egress costs.
  • The AVM Consulting team’s expertise and careful planning ensured a smooth and successful migration.


This case study demonstrates how Jaanuu successfully addressed their platform challenges by migrating to AWS cloud. By carefully selecting technologies, planning the migration meticulously, and partnering with an experienced cloud consulting firm Like AVM, Jaanuu achieved their goals of improved scalability, cost-effectiveness, and access to advanced cloud services.