Problem Description:

IntegraConnect, a healthcare technology company, faced significant challenges in maintaining optimal performance and cost-efficiency for their platform, which is used by a large number of users. The existing infrastructure lacked comprehensive observability, making it difficult to identify performance issues promptly. Additionally, there was a need for better cost management and automation in their deployment processes.


  • Implement Datadog to enhance performance monitoring and issue identification.
  • Establish observability best practices.
  • Set up alerts for crucial KPIs to enable the Network Operations Center (NOC) team to act swiftly.
  • Create dashboards for unified visualization of critical data.
  • Optimize Datadog costs by removing unnecessary components.
  • Automate deployment using Kubernetes.
  • Train the IntegraConnect team to proficiently use the Datadog platform.
  • Provide detailed, step-by-step deliverables to guide the team in implementing and maintaining Datadog best practices.

Solution Highlights:

IntegraConnect collaborated with AVM to transform their monitoring and observability landscape using Datadog. We began by implementing Datadog across their infrastructure to identify and resolve performance issues. Best practices for observability were established, ensuring comprehensive monitoring and alerting. Key KPIs were identified, and alerts were set to notify the NOC team of any issues requiring immediate attention.

Dashboards were created to allow for real-time visualization of critical metrics, enabling a single-screen overview of the platform’s health. To address cost concerns, we performed a thorough cost optimization, removing unnecessary Datadog components. Deployment automation was achieved through Kubernetes, streamlining and accelerating the process.

Training sessions were conducted to equip the IntegraConnect team with the necessary skills to utilize Datadog effectively. Additionally, we provided detailed, step-by-step instructions to guide the team in implementing and maintaining Datadog best practices.


  • Performance issues within the platform were effectively identified and addressed.
  • Comprehensive observability practices were implemented, enhancing monitoring capabilities.
  • Alerts for key KPIs enabled the NOC team to take prompt action, improving response times.
  • Dashboards provided a unified view of critical information, facilitating better decision-making.
  • Datadog costs were optimized, reducing unnecessary expenses.
  • Deployment processes were automated using Kubernetes, increasing efficiency.
  • The IntegraConnect team gained proficiency in using Datadog, thanks to extensive training and detailed instructions.


This case study highlights how IntegraConnect overcame their platform challenges by leveraging Datadog and partnering with AVM. By implementing robust observability practices, optimizing costs, automating deployments, and empowering their team through training, IntegraConnect achieved enhanced performance, cost-efficiency, and operational excellence.