Observability is not just a buzzword but a must-have property of modern applications. Achieving end-to-end observability within applications is a great milestone for any organization as it provides visibility into the applications from different viewpoints like developers, support, management, finance, etc.

AVM Datadog Service

Datadog is one of the leading managed services that provides a single platform for achieving end-to-end observability into applications. Datadog comes with a rich set of tooling and resources and fits well into different environments.
Onboarding with Datadog to get the maximum results requires expertise with both the Datadog technology landscape and different technology stacks and infrastructure providers that the applications are built and deployed. This is challenging for most organizations.

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How AVM Can Help?

We are a group of domain and technology experts with several years of experience in the industry covering a wide technology spectrum. Our team includes Datadog certified technology experts to help you get the best out of the service adhering to the industry best practices. We provide a range of services to make your Datadog journey a pleasant experience.

Review solution architectures and provide the best onboarding strategy for Datadog

Auditing application and provide a tailored guide in the respective technologies with steps to instrument different software components

Conduct technical workshops and brainstorming sessions to explore the Datadog capabilities and how they can benefit

Technical support with Identifying performance bottlenecks within applications with Datadog

Technical support with integrating and instrumenting applications with Datadog

Provide a managed service for organizations to experience a zero operational effort

Guidance with building custom dashboards that best serve different teams within the organizations

Datadog Technology Partner

AVM is also a Datadog Technology Partner and has extended the reach of the Datadog ecosystem into Workday integrations with an app in the Datadog marketplace. (Read the press release). AVM will continue contributing to ensure Datadog can be the single pane of glass for our clients unique needs. Watch a demo here.

AVM Datadog Gold Partner


To fast-track your Datadog journey with industry best practices
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