Case Study


From Legacy to AWS native




    Migrating a Tomcat-based application to AWS for autoscaling and cost reduction.

    Amazon Web Services, Ansible, AppDynamics, Java, Tomcat

Problem Description:

Edlio hosted their core Tomcat-based application in Amazon Web Services. The application suffered from connection leak and couldn’t scale to manage variable traffic loads. They had to regularly restart the application to manage these connections and over-provision the instances to handle peaks in traffic.

Solutions Highlights:

Working both on-site and remotely, AVM delivered a complete solution to the table which addressed both problems. Using Ansible and AWS CloudFormation, AVM implemented autoscaling into the application, allowing it to grow and shrink in-line with incoming traffic.

Legacy load balancing components were replaced with AWS Elastic Load Balancers – the native equivalent which integrated with ease into the autoscaling architecture. This dramatically increased application stability, reducing costs along the way.

To address the connection leaks, AVM profiled application using AppDynamics – providing real time insight to detect anomalies and identify where they arise. In doing this, AVM were able to trace legacy Java code deficiencies and increase stability even further.